Alexander Elweard is a science-fiction character created by JustAlex93. He is a half-human/half-Warreiadian fighter pilot who goes on adventures with his ship, the "Cyclone".


Born of a human mother and a Warreiadian father, Elweard was taught in both human and Warreiadian culture. As he grew, his abilities from his Warreiadian heritage began to manifest, and was thus taught how to use them by his father.

He also has a love for flying, and those chose a career path as a military fighter pilot. As a young adult who graduated from the United Nations Star Pilot Academy on Earth, Elweard served as a member of the Human-Warreiadian Liaisons' Fighter Squadron #1 (HWLFS-1), which consists of human, Warreiadian and hybrid pilots working in collaboration to protect the galaxy against hostile alien races.

Elweard became renowned as an ace for his piloting skill and cunning on the battlefield. He is also feared and hated by the enemies that he made, especially the Reptilian ace pilot Rodney T. Scaleston, with whom Elweard had an especially fierce rivalry. Though he's earned many an award for his efforts, he sees the action he's seen as its own reward.

At one point in time, he was selected by Dr. William Storm as one of the test pilots to demonstrate the three prototype XSF-W1 starfighters alongside fellow flyers Susumu "Sonny Joe" Minamoto and Xavier Moscrim.

Shortly after the demonstration, the three were given the disqualified fighter ships, before forming their own squad-for-hire, Team Hydra.

Elweard's reputation increased even more with his talent at the controls of the advanced starfighter, which he found to have fit his piloting style much better than what he had previously flown.

After the heroic sacrifice of Sonny Joe, which also resulted in the untimely destruction of XSF-W1 Unit 02 "Tornado", Elweard and Moscrim parted ways with a heavy heart. In search of new adventures, he began using the "Cyclone"'s D-warp drive to travel to alternate dimensions.


Elweard is cool-headed, honorable, and confident in his own abilities. He also has a soft spot for children and women, though he acknowledges that there are females out there who are capable of fighting as well as any male. He is also intolerant of cowards, liars, thieves, abusers and especially the self-righteous. However, the one kind of person that disgusts Elweard the most; Murderers who target the weak and defenseless.

Oddly enough, he prefers to eat chocolate-covered coffee beans in the morning instead of drinking actual coffee. 


  • Piloting: As a pilot, Elweard had proven to be considerably skilled with a certain cunning and great concentration, that it was said that he has a "magic touch" behind the controls of any ship he flies. His level of skill is rivaled by that of Rodney T. Scaleston, the Reptilian ace pilot. To keep himself from getting rusty, Elweard runs an advanced training simulation program every morning on his beloved ship, the XSF-W1 Unit 01 "Cyclone", preferably in places where he would not accidentally hurt anybody.
  • Physical Strength: Because he is part-Warreiadian, Elweard has much more physical strength than the average human soldier. Also helping is that he also does strength exercises in his training sessions.
  • Endurance: Due to his mixed heritage, his physical endurance exceeds that of ordinary humans, that not even a magnum round could slow him down easily. Because of this, people tend to exaggerate about how he is "bulletproof".
  • Spiritual Powers: With powers from his Warreiadian heritage manifesting, Elweard was taught how to use them by his father. Armed with a great level of control over his spiritual energy, he could perform different feats, from unleashing energy blasts to healing other living things, and even levitating objects or persons in a telekinetic-like manner. He could also gather and absorb spiritual energy from natural environments during meditation. His spiritual abilties had also enhanced his own natural senses. Just try and sneak up on him!
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Elweard is trained in the martial arts style of Muay Thai, with a few wrestling maneuvers on the side. This, combined with his natural physical strength, makes him formidable at close-quarters.

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