Dr. Armando Cero Sc.D is an authority in genetic manipulation and the creator of the Cyphers, along with being the head of the highly secretive Cypher Project. He had also made himself into the very first Cypher, bearing the designation Cypher-0.


Armando Cero was born to a family of Mexican immigrants that had moved to the United States several years prior. As a child, he took an interest in the field of science, most especially genetics. He had also invested in science fiction. Thus, he gained an ambition to become an authority figure in genetics and the study of genetic manipulation when he grew up. Driven by his passion, he began reading through all the books that he could find on genetics and theories about genetic manipulation, taking extensive notes and learning from them. Of course, he had also invested his brainpower into other conventional sciences to balance things out, while avoiding pseudo-scientific woo-woo (the kind propagated by money-driven scam artists and spiritually-minded New Agers).

After gaining his science doctorate, he set out to make his mark, participating in many scientific studies concerning genetics and writing out extensive and well-written reports and essays. He had even participated in the secret Artificial Human project detailing the creation of an artificial human being, developed via innovative technology in the form of the artificial human growth chamber. The project was successful. When the Artificial Human Project was publicized, there was some criticism, mostly from religiously-minded naysayers who feel that those who participated in the project were trying to "play God". Of course, Dr. Cero waved them off, knowing that they're rather delusional about their religious faith. He also made sure to never let any form of praise go to his head, believing that large egos are unbecoming of any scientist.

At one point, he was participating in a research project to create a serum of sorts, until he was caught in a terrible accident. A freak explosion injured him and his colleagues, some of which having died from the blast. He and the others were given immediate medical attention, but the damage to Dr. Cero's face was done, and he had to have his facial wounds stitched shut. Though he took it all in stride, he covered his face with bandages to conceal the wounds as so not to horrify anybody he interacts with. However, it is through this catastrophe that Dr. Cero made an important discovery before losing consciousness. He noticed that the handless arm of an injured colleague was immersed in a spilled puddle of a sample of the serum. A stray live wire sent a current into the puddle, causing the colleague's arm to instantaneously grow his missing hand back, skin, bones, muscle and everything. He shared this with the surviving members of the project in total secrecy. They started a new experiment to duplicate what Dr. Cero had witnessed, having composed another batch of the serum. The test subject; a former U.S. Marine Corpsman who had lost the lower half of his left leg. Immersing the appendage into the serum, an electrical current was sent into it, making the former Marine's left leg become whole again. The grateful ex-Marine was sworn to secrecy, as Dr. Cero and his colleagues continued their experiments with the serum. Eventually, the so-called regeneration serum was perfected and developed as a new medical marvel.

It wasn't easy, but it was made so that the regeneration serum treatment is available to everyone, even poor people. There was an attempt by greedy individuals within the pharmacy industry to usurp control of the treatment to make it exclusive to rich people, but they were thwarted by both Cero and his colleagues and undercover FBI agents, thanks to a massive crackdown initiated on the corruption within big pharma.

Riding on the success of the serum, and taking some inspiration from a sci-fi of his childhood, Dr. Cero secretly initiated a beyond top secret genetics research project in a bid to create what he would call the "ultimate warriors". Gathering the brightest of minds, Cero and his team developed the Cypherization Chamber. Its purpose; to genetically enhance an individual's body with the fighting instinct and reflexes of a hardened soldier, as well as the intelligence to use any weapon effectively and to make tactical moves, along with superhuman speed, strength and agility. Those enhanced by the Cypherization Chamber would come to be known as "Cyphers". However, to ensure that those subjected to Cypherization would live through the process, he made himself the first human test subject of the prototype chamber, to the shock of his colleagues. Though there were great concerns, they went along with it, and as the chamber initiated the Cypherization process for the first time, Cero felt his body grow stronger, his instincts becoming sharpened like blades, and his mind expanding. After the process was finished, he stumbled out of the chamber tiredly, as he then lost consciousness with what appeared to be a satisfied look on his face. The moment he woke up, he remarked to his relieved colleagues that he felt as if he could do impossible. He proved it when he underwent tests of his enhanced state, also proving that the Cypherization Chamber is a success.

However, he decided that he's not finished yet, as he sat down and discussed some potential adjustments to the chamber, admitting that his body was sore all over, accompanied by a terrible headache, as he was Cypherized. Thus, they took the Cypherization Chamber and made some adjustments, such as a hose that feeds oxygen and sleeping gas into the subject as he or she is Cypherized, complimented by a derivative of the regeneration serum designed to reduce pain to an absolute minimum during the process.

He also come up with the idea to create genetically-engineered Cyphers made from scratch, taking cues from the Artificial Human Project which he had previously participated in. Dr. Cero and his team combined the technologies of the artificial human growth pod with that of the Cypherization Chamber, creating the Cypher Growth Chamber. Using his own DNA as a template, he created the very first genetically-engineered Cypher, given the name Benito Cero (designation: Cypher-GE01).

As a test batch, 100 volunteers (all of which being military personnel) were subjected to the Cypherization process, along with 100 genetically-engineered Cyphers having been created. As whole, the test batch was collectively designated as the No.000 Cypher Platoon.

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The Three Great JudgesEdit

Dr. Cero considers Charlus, Maximus and Regulus to be among the finest of the Cyphers, also treating them as friends.

Santiago RivieraEdit

Dr. Cero had known the inventive engineer since his days in university, having been close friends at that. He had entrusted Santiago with the task of constructing the Cypherization Chamber as part of the Cypher Project, as well as making the armor and equipment for the Cyphers.

ArtHmn-X1 "Adam"Edit

Having participated in the Artificial Human Project, Dr. Cero treated Adam with the same respect as he would with a naturally-born human. He also sneers at any form of negativity directed towards Adam, as he sees the artificial human as a living being first and a scientific marvel second.

Benito Cero/Cypher-GE01Edit

Dr. Cero sees Benito as his own son, due to having been cloned from his DNA as the first genetically-engineered Cypher.

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