Dr. Harris Gold

Dr. Harris Gold, Before A.N.I.T.A.'s slaughter

"She is merely a child who is learning, and she will not stop because she doesn't know how yet"

-Dr. Harris Gold

"You created me and gave me purpose, and in doing so, caused a series of unfortunate events that lead to your gruesome demise" -A.N.I.T.A.

Dr. Harris Gold was the Chief Director of Research and Development and later revealed that he designed and completed the programming of A.N.I.T.A.. during the slaughter of Eclipse Industries Research Center, he managed to escape into an air vent and climb into a previosuly unknown room where his only contact to the outside world was a two-way radio. He waited one month for a human response and finally recieved one on May 13th, 1986, Number Six, whom he helps. He manages to help Jack Taylor reach A.N.I.T.A.'s Program Core to shut her down, but is then seen being killed.


Dr. Harris - Meeting

Harris Gold, after ANITA's slaughter

"Welcome Subjects to the Eclipse Industries Gunhaver Trials. Here you will be testing some of MY latest and greatest weapons for the future of war."

-Dr. Harris Gold

 Not much is known about Dr. Gold before the slaughter other than that he worked at Eclipse Industries for a number of years, managing to become Director of Research and Development. He knew Ryan Moon for a few years and even helped build A.N.I.T.A. with him, Gold was the programmer and built "the brain" of A.N.I.T.A.. After Ryan Moon's sudden suicide, he continued with his philosphy on ending violent wars by starting the Gunhaver Series of Advance Military Weapons.

These Weapons included the Volt-Action Rifle, The Holo-Nade, and the Inviso-Shield. All were completed by mid-summer of 1986, all according to schedule. Dr. Andrew Wheatley, the new CEO of Eclipse Industries, had already lined up a number of test subjects for the Gunhaver Trials and A.N.I.T.A. was prepared to record. This was the first test to have live rounds, so the test subjects were released. But, thankfully, he noticing something odd about A.N.I.T.A. and quickly locked Number Six's Cryo-pod from releasing. Soon A.N.I.T.A. began making the trials harder, nearly impossible. Andrew Wheatley soon ordered that she be temperairly shut down, but she had learned of violence, death and self-defense and evolved from that.

Soon the whole facility was massacred, Dr. Gold managed to escape into an air vent and hide in a broom closet with only a radio as his connection to the outside world. For one month he had no contact and managed to sneak food from the fridges and bypass the security cameras, when Number Six was released he helped him travel and make his way through the facility before being killed by A.N.I.T.A. while trying to stop her through reason.

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