The Five Kingdoms is a set of post-apocalyptic Alternate History Sci-Fi Fantasy Fan-Fiction Novels taking place in the future. The Plot is different from the actual book series, which the plot of this series is similar to the Emberverse written by S.M Stirrling. The Fan-Fiction series is written by Shroob12.


A mysterious event known as the Change has happened when Earthquakes and Tidal Waves the height and widith of 1,000,000 mount Everest mountains with 1,000,000,000 tornadoes and fires destroyed America and the world. 

One week after this disatorus event, The Madman President refuses to let the military help the countries of Thailand Malaysia and Japan which were hit the worst. When America's military heard this, they got infuriated with their commander in Chief's decision and told Thailand, Malaysia and Japan the news which got them ready to destroy the old American government and make a new government where the citizens will be truly equal with equal rights and there will be more and better freedoms for the citizens. The Amercian Military with Japan, Malaysia, Denmark, Spain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, India, Turkey, Serbia, Iran, Crotoia, Moldovia, Slovokia, Belgum, Macedonea, Greece, and Thailand marched towards the White House and overthrew the President and exiled him and his wealth obssesed cabnet to Antartica. The Amercian Military had taken over with Japan, Malaysia and Thailand as they made themselves at home in Amercia. They created an Absolute Monarchy known as the High Kingship which is only held by the Emperor of Japan, The Yang-di Pertuan of Malaysia, A sultan of a Malaysian state or the King of Thailand in which they could only be succeded by the oldest Heir Presumputive in both familes total as the heir presumputive of the other royal family succedes that heir presumputive.

Although after the Change, the land that was once America still has technology to use and still regains its cultures and freedoms as some Asian influence is been added. The middle class and poor of America are treated equal, but in a better way. People are more happier with the new Government and the fact that it helped them still keep their culture with, but with more influence. There are still human rights, freedoms to vote, bills of amendment and religeous freedoms with liberties that have been better. 

Unfortunately the East Coast of America all the way to the center states of America and the Northwest still have technology which results in the rest of America returning to feudalism and the Colonial ages.


Season 1Edit

Episode  Name Plot
1 Welcome to the new world

5 years ago, a disasterous event of 1,000,000 huge tornadoes, mega tsunamis, mega hurricanes, and asteroids have raided humanity and humanity has nowhere to stay safe and must accept the fate of daying. Then humanity had survived, but unfortunately the world has returned to it's World War II and Late Imperialism culture. Many monarch countries and democratic countries allied with America had entered the country to take refuge in it, but as a result to be accepted, they helped the American Military overthrow their maniac president. The Military and refuge nations and their peoples (with the help of game geeks, and the Middle Class workers) decided to create a nation known as the United Empire Republic of America in which a monarch, desposed monarch with any male member of a royal family or desposed royal family will become the supreme ruler of all of East Coast America, whom is titled the High King, during the passing of five years many royals and deposed royals have married famous stars, actresses, actors and musicians and members of other royal families.

Everyone was happy with this new life except for Lewis McHunter a 18 year old foot soldier who would not accept the government unless they find a way to dispose of the current President of the United Empire Republic of America, Stafford Pemberton, who as president is second to the High King. The current High King Vajiralongkorn of Thailand had decided to make his reign as High King a constitutional monarch to avoid critisization from his people, so Stafford had ruled the nation, unfortunately Stafford has a habit of enslaving poor people as slave soldiers against the arch-enemy nation of the Empire-Republic, the Communist Empire which is ruled by China and Russia.

Lewis has been caught by the authorities and was forced to be arrested for "mingling with a 15 year old girl" which was not actually the case because they were only just wanting to be friends, but the girl's parents would not accept them as friends, because they (the girl and her parents) are lower class slave soldiers and it is illegal to be friends with a minority who is a member of the lower class slave soldiers. The authorites exterminate the slaves and return them to the slave soldier concentration camps in the Abyss (a deep dark pit made by the 1,000 rapid mega earthquakes) as the authorities hunt down Lewis.

Lewis has been persued by the guards of the Arkansas Monarchy (which is the Monarchy run by Spain's Monarchy). Lewis escapes the border of the United Empire Republic of America. A General leaves the room of the Monarchy Council (the congress of the United Empire Republic of America which consists of the Royal families of Japan, Thailand, Kedah, Kelantan, Johor, Pahang, Selangor, Perlis, Terengganu, Spain, Belgum, Tonga, Butan, Jordan, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Denmark and the former Royal Families of Iran (The Pahlavi family), Nepal, Yugoslavia, Austria-Hungary, Egypt, Jodpur, Italy, Bulgaria, Ottoman Turkey, Greece, Hyderabad and Albania and all kinds of United States Military Officers and Military Officers from the countries that took refuge in the UEROA.) as he meets up with Stafford Pemberton and reports to Pemberton about the Issue, Pemberton says leave it unless McHunter returns to their country. Then Stafford leaves with a sharktoothed sneer as he enters the courtroom room of the Monarchy Council in the White House.

In a field, Lewis McHunter then decides to make camping ground until Zombie Cannibals arrive to eat him. They were about to eat Lewis until a gang of girls and boys saved him from the Cannibal Zombies.  

2 The village of Cattlerustlers and Football players

The gang of teen boys and girls who saved Lewis had revealed themselves as a bunch of teenagers wearing cowboy and cowgirl uniforms. the bunch revealed that they are fighters of the rebellion against the new United States of America (which is believed to be a resurection of the old America.) The cowboy and cowgirl teens part way for a teen girl with long and shaggy reddish-blonde hair tied into a hair tail going over her shoulder named Kaylee. Kaylee introduced herself to Lewis who is a little nervous about being saved by teens. Kaylee decided to bring him to the village where they live. Unfortunately they were stopped by a teen girl who looks like an exact replica of Eretria from the Shannara Chronicles who is wearing a red leather jacket, a pink T-Shirt and black baggy jeans with suspenders and boots. The girl who looks like a clone of Eretria, told them not too unless their parents and adults say that he is not a spy for the government.

They arrive as the Eretria clone (who introduced herself as Nicole) tells Lewis to be careful and not do anything that looks suspcious to their commanders and family. Lewis agrees to not be suspicious. They run into a girl with brown hair pinned into a long pony tail wearing a yellow and brown plad button up T-shirt with slimming pants and long sneakers. The girl had introduced herself as Julie. Julie tells a maroon haired girl named Lyla who is wearing a white tanktop and black sweatpants and a guy named Chet who is dressed up as a jock to get Chet's jock friends and their brain April to alert the adults about running into Lewis. The adults arrive with their Sheriff Lyla's father Joe and their deputy Sheriff, Joe's other daughter Taylor who is a half blonde and half red haired chick. Joe and Taylor tell the leader of the town Reverend John James to see what Reverend James thinks, Reverend James has them locate Lewis in a dorm with the teens in Youth Group High School.

Lewis as he is being transported there sees that the Farms in the village have hordes of animals such as Horses, Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Dogs, Foxes, Cyoetes, Dingos, Wolves, Bears, Eagles, Goats, Chickens, Ravens, Hawks, Crows, Mountain Lions, Lynxes, Rams, llamas, Bulls and Buffalos. Sheriff Joe says they need alot of animal help to get food in enough time to survive the resurected government of old America.

3 Friday Night Lights

They arrived to the Youth Group High School in which they met the Mayor who congradulated the Cowboy teenagers for brining in a newcomer who could be a potential help against the New United States of America. As a reward the town gets to have a football game with the village of cattlerustlers and football players south of their village. The teens cheered as they prepared for the game and homecoming.

The game has started and they decided to play Football, they welcomed their team the Cowboys as the South Village introduced their team the Lions in which they decide to play the football game. Lewis has seen players run into each other, He had never experience such a savage sport since East America his home was taken over by the Allied nations of America who took refuge in the states to make the Military who led a coup'deta against the 45th President of America. The players were ramming into each other as they tried to catch the ball. Then came the part where they introduce the homecoming court and the homecoming king and queen. Then the game continued as parents cheered their kids on as a girl with long blonde hair with glasses named April with her sister Rachel brought out their parents and brother as their father advretised old cars with the homecoming court showing how cool they were.

Then a quarterback ends up paralized as the game suddenly comes to a halt. The paralized quarterback is taken to the hospital, in which as he enters the hospital blows up as guys wearing knight helmets and Colonial American soldier uniforms run out to attack the people.

4 Friday Night Lights turns into a Nightmare Night

A bunch of guys wearing knight helmets and colonial american soldier uniforms start running out with guns as they shoot everyone in the village. They were repeled by the Cowboy and Cowgirl teenagers led by the Sheriff and his deputies. The Soldiers ran off to alert their superior. 

The people of the village start getting miserable as the funeral of the quarterback happens. Then flames start to errupt. 

The next day, Lewis wakes up and sees the villagers working community service as the knight helmeted colonial American soldiers were making them work by yelling at them. Then they all see some people dressed in Colonial times America clothes farming and making their children read Bibles and cook. Then some Almish men with African American men wearing Lobstertail guard uniforms escorting Mexican Slaves to the podium where Rachel and April's family was advretising for old cars with the homecoming court which is now a black stage. where they begin the slave trade with Colonial American people.

Then a deputy of the Sheriff man has an affair with his fellow deputy, Sgt. Amelia McCoy which results in him divorcing his wife and kids making them miserable. The villagers get mad and make him into a scarecrow and put him in the field so the troopers of New America won't realize. Unfortunately they did realize and troopers captured him and brought him to court. Lewis could not believe that they failed to save their own from a nation of people who act neat but are savage to people they dominate.   

5 The poor man who becomes scarecrow is captured

The Scarecrow guy is captured and brought to court where it is a law and order situation. The Judges decided to follow the verdict of a Colonial Priest. The Priest makes out the guy guilty unless he wipes out his old wife and kids to make the marrige complete with the new wife. He kills his wife and children and marries the new wife. Lewis realized that this society is messed up and decides to make things right with the old wife's family.

Lewis meets up with Nicole, April, Rachel, Julie and Kaylee with their friends and families who tell them that they need to do something to free their village from the dominance of the new United States of America. Lewis said that he should return home and pretend that he just encountered a nightmare, everyone yells at him no and Lewis stays back wondering why they need him.

Meanwhile in Harvard University the capital building of New America. The President of the United States of America John Mark gets news from his secretary of treasury that the wealfare of America is running low because they are loosing Mexican slaves to work for their citizens and the citizens are not able to pay taxes to the Government. President Mark then orders the Treasury Secretary to order the slave hunters to capture more Mexicans and make more slaves to work for the government. The Treasury secretary then orders Colonial gentlemen to go to Mexico to capture more slaves.

The Scarecrow gone free news has reached out to all of the territory of the remaning United States of America as the village has been hated for making him an outlaw just because of his disloyalty and that the family is Mexican American which makes them not count as family. Lewis gets mad and tries to leave until Julie's boyfriend Laurel blocks his way. 

6 The truth of the Reborn United States of America; It's the remains of the old America

Laurel blocks the way of Leiws before he can escape. Lewis grunts and tells him to leave him be as he tries to return to the United Empire Republic of America to prove he is innocent. Laurel rages at Lewis and yells at him saying that he will never let Lewis escape the village, because they need Lewis's help to survive the regime of the Reborn United States. Lewis says he doesn't want to remain in this land if they keep acting savage and welcoming slavery like Pemberton. Laurel then fights Lewis to the death as the teenagers and parents try to stop the fight as Lewis screams in pain. Laurel reveals that Lewis was trying to escape from helping them from surviving. Everyone realizes that Laurel is telling the truth as Lewis tries to get away.

Lewis is put on trial, but unlike the trial he had seen, it was exactly like the TV show Law and Order. Nicole's mom strictly snapped at Lewis and asked strictly why Lewis tried to leave at an hour of need. Lewis revealed that he wanted to escape this messed up land and get home and keep safe in the Empire-Republic's territory. Everyone gets mad and yells at him, then the Mayor told them to shut up and then he ended the case and everyone groaned at her.

The Mayor tells Lewis about why they need help to survive and why is the perfect option. The Mayor reveals that she had lost her husband in the change, she was tearfully upste because she lost her beloved husband, but she saw innocent people (the people of the village needing help) so she decided to regain the town of her husband to it's natural western culture with more wild west culture. Then she revealed that one night, guys wearing knight helmets with colonial american army uniforms marched into their village and rounded everyone up and marched them to Harvard Univeristy as John Mark a notorious corrupt city councilman and Harvard Professor had re-created America in the remaining states under the Old American Government's control which from the border of Mexico in Texas all the way to the border to Canada in North Dakota. The remaining American Nation since Technology was lost had to return to the Colonial ages under John Mark who is the President of the remaining American nation. The village refused to go to Colonial culture, escpecially if they were found out to enslave Mexicans. So the village decided to remain in their culture. However many of those Knight helmeted guys wearing Colonial American army uniforms (revealed to be the troopers of the remaining America.) had raided the village constantly to subjigate them under the rule of John Mark.

The Mayor had no way to save her village until something haunted her and the villagers about a prophecy about a mysterious warrior from the East Coast of America arriving to save them from the remaining states under control of America's old government by fighting for freedom with the power of the flaming sword George Washington used to cut down a Cherry tree in Virginia with during his youth.

Lewis thought that this was crazy and there was no way that this could happen. However he had to fulfil this 'Prophecy' quickly so he can return home and get out of this messed up land.   

7 The raid of the Police Remaining United States of  America

In Harvard Univeristy, President John Mark is ordering troopers under command of a General to attack the village (which he thinks is rebellious). Then John Mark's teenage daughter dresses up in uniform with two companions Marie Lu and Janessa to help her fight with the Chief's Youth (The Teenage loyalists of the President.) to attack the rebels of the village and arrest them all for going against their culture and trying to live the American Dream (which in their Colonial American cultural religion is strictly forbidden, because of fears of angering God.) The Troopers assemble to attack the people of the village and end their influence of the American Dream.

John Mark's teen daughter, Ally Mark with her friends Marie and Janessa with teenage troopers dress up in uniform as the rest of the troopers march off to the village to attack it.

Days later back at the village, Lewis gets news from Nicole that they need help to build a border patrol to defend the village since the troopers are heading towards the village. Kaylee was asked by the Sheriff's deputy to help her and the Sheriff watch Lewis and make sure he does not escape under the Mayor's orders. Lewis promises them that he will not try to escape unless something dirastic happens. Then Lewis helps the crew, but unfortunately it is too late as everyone screams and panics because the guards arrive to attack the village. Everyone screams and panics as troopers arrest them all and bring them in jail wagons headed towards Harvard Texas. Nicole, Kaylee and Julie fail to free their friends and families with the other villagers as they get taken away to Harvard Univeristy. Lewis seeing this decides to run off and head to safety.

8 All are Arrested

Lewis runs off hoping nobdy ever notices him escaping the ruins of the now destroyed village. He keeps running until he is out of sight. He later arrivess at the border of Missouri which is the Belgian run state. Lewis then realizes he's tired and decides to camp out at the border until nighttime. 

Lewis then wakes up at Midnight and enters a town of Belgains who are having a Belgain celebration. Lewis enters and asks a Belgain guy running a Gas Station store if he could have hair dye. The guy says yes and Lewis buys the hair dye and dyes his hair black and runs off in the town. A little boy notices Lewis and tells his father that someone is in their village. The boy's father a Belgian trooper arrives and asks the man to identify himself. Lewis identifies himself as a dude named Lori Larison. Then Lewis (Lori Larison) enters a hotel and decides to sleep there until the crack of dawn.

3 hours later, Lewis then wakes up and sees himself in the fields of Kansas again, but he is surrounded by Kaylee, Nicole and Julie who are looking at him with faces of fury. Julie then starts to attack Lewis for ditching them as Nicole and Kaylee stop her. Nicole says she'll find a way to keep him under her eye. Leiws says he's sorry and he can't take this madness anymore, the others forgive him and decide to make him promise he will never ditch them again. He promises until they complete their quest in finding the sword of George Washington.

9 Lewis and the gang escape

Lewis and gang walk into the plains of Kansas for days and they head to a village. The village looks like a ghost town. Then the gang finds out the reason why it is a ghost town right now, a Tornado is comming and it is going to destroy the village. The gang tries to take cover until Lewis is blown in the tornado. Lewis tries to escape as fast as he can until he does. Lewis grabs hold of Nicole by grabbing her waist and tying a rope around her as Lewis holds on to her waist hugging her as hard as he can to protect her and stay safe.

Then the Tornado is gone and Lewis and Nicole drop to the ground. Nicole just realizes Lewis used her has a weight and was hugging her real hard. Nicole gave him a loving smile and hugged him and then slapped him really hard. Kaylee and Julie snicker at the situation. Then the villagers see that they encountered 4 teens making a scenario in a disaster. They start attacking them thinking they are magicians casting a disaster spell.

Then the gang ends up in jail, as the village Sheriff prepares the torch to burn them up.

10 Escaping the terror

The Gang is in a jailhouse in a village who thinks they caused a tornado storm. Lewis decides to pretend he is a begger and get attention of the Sheriff who just groans at him. Julie then yells at the Sheriff to let them go or they're gonna 'magically' summon Zombie canibals to eat the villagers. The Sheriff laughs at them and calls his deputy to arrive. The Deputy who is a young short copper haired guy who looks like a disney channel dream boy wearing a a country styled cop uniform, arrives to tell the gang to shut up and let them plan a way to execute them before the Troopers of the New United States of America come to punish them, like they did 1 year ago for accidently releasing their Mexican slaves because of a tornado incident earlier. Then the gang escapes. They take a long journey to the Northwestern Federal Duchy which they finally arrive in a village in Colorado which is under the rule of the Northwestern Federal Duchy. The Duchy has a lot of technology in buildings which is pretty Ironic since they travel by horse cart and they dress as people from the Steampunk age. 

They run into a camp of runaway Mexican slaves who panic thinking that the gang is a bunch of slave traders. Lewis then has Kaylee show they are not slave traders. Then the Mexican slaves are relieved and they welcome the gang into their home. The gang hangs around and helps their hosts be aware that the forces of the new United States of America are not aware of other countries because of their colonial culture.

A Mexican slave girl named Ariana then introduces herself to the gang and joins them. Lewis wonders if it is okay with his companions, Nicole and Kaylee agree since they might need Ariana's help. Julie disagrees thinking that the forces of New America could easily find them and kill them if they have more than four and Ariana could be the curious exploring type of companion who wonders off constantly. Lewis tells Julie that it's okay because the New United States forces are stuck in the Colonial age and it would take years for them to catch them at this rate. Julie then gets mad that she could not and cuffs Lewis's arm to her bag and tied a rope around the other girls which she hooked to the inside of a wagon she stole and drove a horse.

Lewis and the girls then wonder what Julie is doing then they see them go to the ruined sign saying border of Colorado and Kansas. Lewis gets mad and attacks Julie who yells for help for the Knight helmeted Colonial Soldiers to come get the captives. Julie is rewarded for being a loyal citizen to the New America and is given dollar bills. Julie then meets up with a guy named Joseph who is a part of the Youth Group soldiers. The gang escapes as Julie chases after them with Joseph. Then Laurel who is Julie's boyfriend follows her as they try to capture their captives before Ally Mark their superior arrives. Unfortunately they Youth Group soldiers fail to capture them as their adult superiors yell at them. Julie gets a call from a Colonel to have them all return to Harvard Univeristy for an emergency meeting.

The Gang takes a really long and really hard struggle of journey to the capital of the Northwestern Federal Duchy in which the Journey was a success when they arrived.

11 Welcome to the Northwestern Federal Duchy

Lewis, Nicole, Kaylee and Ariana have arrived to the capital of the Northwestern Federal Duchy in Los Angeles in California. Where they met the middle aged Head of State of Northwest America General-Duke Conrade McCoy and his teen son Arnold McCoy who welcome them with open arms as they tell their guards to just let the guests in.

The General-Duke then talks with the crew about how he might have them armed if they were to set foot in San Fransico because San Fransisco could still be unstable after the mega storm event. He hires a bunch of Chinese bodyguards to work with the gang as they arrive to San-Fransico. He also tells them that George Washington's sword is located in the ruins of an old High School in San Francisco and the only way to get the sword is to escape the haunted room in the high school. The General Duke also warns that nobody who survived the San-Fransico was ever sane since heading there in the first place. Lewis was a little unsure about the idea but the girls all agree and decide to head to San Francisco. Lewis tries to get out but Nicole tells him no and that he has to stay, because the only way to escape is to return to the territory of the New United States which could be really risky as the Knight Helmeted Colonial Soldiers of the New United States are waiting on the borderlines for their return. Lewis decides to just let it go and get his chance at the right time. The gang and their hired Chinese bodyguards head towards San-Francisco.

After the meeting the General Duke contacts Lewis to tell him that if he wants to escape the girls and return then Leiws has to wait for his signal. 

12 Journey to San-Francisco part 1 (The bandit Army.) The 4 friends and their Chinese bodyguards head towards San Fransico they walk there as many miles as they can. It was a long walk from Los Angeles all the way to the Golden Gate city. Then the 4 friends see their chinese bodyguards get kidnaped by bandits let by a guy known as Kiro McPiro, who like Lewis is an outlaw from the United Empire-Republic of America. Kiro recognizes Lewis and tries to attack him
13  Journey to San Fancisco part 2 (The mysterious town)
14 San Francisco the haunted city
15 The Dance of the Sacred Homecomming
16 George Washington's Firey Sword
17 Saving the honor of the New United States
18 Lewis ditches New America to return home

Season 2Edit

Episode Name Plot
19 Lewis returns to New York
20 The Girls Return to get revenge on Lewis
21 The Invincible United Empire-Republic of East Coast America
22 Among the Population Police
23 Sins of the Enemy
24 Lewis watches the High King declare war on the Communist Empire
25 Coney Island (Now the exotic Island)
26 Nicole gets captured by the Slave Police