Bio sheet No. 6

Information, slightly burned, on Number Six

"Quite the silence man, aren't you Number Six? No matter, I'll be glad to rip that jaw of your's open."


"Y-Your awake? But how, I didn't open your chamber. N-Now don't go counting your blessing cause this can still backfire."

-Dr. Harris Gold

Number Six, more commonly known as Jack Taylor, is a test subject for Project: Gunhaver in Eclipse Industries Research and Development Facility. He awakes one month after the test begins by the hands of an unknown Dr. Gold. Thinking that his cryo-pod woke him up late, he begins the test unaware that A.N.I.T.A., the facilities AI Program, has gone rogue. The program acts nice and helps No. 6 up to area five where it releases turrets and flamethrowers upon James who manages to escape through a hole he creates. While through the trials, he grabs a number of weapons including: The Volt-Action Rifle, a rifle that fires electric bolts; The Holo-nade, a grenade that releases an image of the person who throws it; and more. He manages to save Dr. Gold who is killed by A.N.I.T.A., "shutting down" A.N.I.T.A., and escaping the facility alone.


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