Portrait of Ryan Moon

Ryan Moon before his death in 1985

"Once I am dead, you will cry then you will stab me in the back"

-Ryan Moon

"Ryan Moon, he owned the place before it went to hell. It's hard to tell why he killed himself, I think he just...gave up on life"

-Dr. Harris Gold

Ryan Moon was the President, CEO, and Founder of Eclipse Industries back in the late 1960s (Meaning he would be in forties at the time). Over the years, he created interesting and unbelievable technologies. This included the massive AI, A.N.I.T.A., which he helped design and construct. Ryan was a major Anti-War Activist, though he created weapons at Eclipse Industries. He dreamed of creating an era where there was no war or no death in war, but realized that his dream would never come true and killed himself in 1985.


"You make a gun, you make a profit. You make a war, you make a fortune. You save a life, now that's priceless"

-Ryan Moon

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