The Communist Empire is one of the two major world powers in the Five Kingdoms series. The Nation is the archenemy of The United-Empire Republic of America since the nation conqured the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Asia, Iraq, Austria, Hungary, Finnland, Poland, Slovakia, Catalonia, Syria, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea and India and Libya.


The Government of the Communist Empire is a Military Dictatorship under an Alliance of Marxist/Leninisr One Party states with Communist Parties as a Parlement. The ruler of it all is a General-Secretary.


The military consists of troopers and mercenaries from the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Syria, Asia, Iraq, Austria, Hungary, Finnland, Poland, Slovakia, Catalonia, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea and India and Libya serving the Government. 


In December 5 2017 an army of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 massive mega storms devistated the stability of world peace which started the rise of Communist Parties in Russia, Romania, China and North Korea which helped Russia and Romania's communist Parties take over Russia and Romania again which they fused with China and North Korea creating themselves as the Communist Empire.

The Communist Empire took over India, Libya, Iraq, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, The Balkans, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Catalonia, Finnland and Syria. 



  • General-Secretary Gregorus Mehedlov - Supreme Ruler
  • President Yoseph Korin - Second in Command
  • Colonel Crasto Yolovo - Chairman Commander
  • Union of Chairmen
    • Xi Jingping - Chairman of the Chinese Communist Government
    • Kim Jong Un - Chairman of the North Korean Communist Government
    • Nicoli Antonescueza - Chairman of the Romanian Communist Government
    • Yuri Illya - Chairman of the Russian Communist Government/Soviet Union
    • Karos Kordillo - Chairman of the Yugoslavian (Serbian, Crotatian, Bonsian and Slovenian) Communist Government
    • Vergo Killintovzai - Chairman of the Finnish Communist Government
    • Kodra Kalahov - Chairman of the Polish Communist Government
    • Rudi Kervenstien - Chairman of the Austrian Communist Party
    • Miklos Kardav - Chairman of the Hungarian Communist Party
    • Yoru Yuronav - Chairman of the Slovokian Communist Party
    • Vadah Hussein - Chairman of the Iraqi Communist Party
    • Bashir Al-Assad - Chairman of the Syrian Communist Party
    • Hannabal Gaddafi - Chairman of the Libyan Communist Party
    • Ki-Yun-Nyguen - Chairman of the Indochina (Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodian) Communist Party
    • Al-Budo Vanquez - Chairman of the Catalonian Communist Party


  • Al-Saadi
  • Aleksandar "Mišo" Broz
  • Alexandra Ceausescu 
  • Aline Skaf - First Lady
  • Ayesha
  • Choe Yong-rim
  • Fan Changlong
  • Hani abd Latif Tilfa al-Tikriti 
  • Kim Han-sol
  • Kim So-song
  • Kim Yo-Jong
  • Kim Yong-chol
  • Li keqiang
  • Li yuancho
  • Muhammad
  • Peng Liuang - first lady
  • Rafi Abd Latif al-Tilfah
  • Ri Sol-Ju - first lady
  • Saif al-Islam
  • Sayf al-Din Fulayyih Hassan Taha al-Rawi
  • Sol-hui 
  • Tahir Jalil Habbush al-Tikriti 
  • Valentin Ceaușescu
  • Wang Qishan
  • Xu Qiliang
  • Xi Mingze

National AnthemEdit


Stand up, ones who are branded by the curse,
The National Anthem of the Communist Empire (The Internationale)

The National Anthem of the Communist Empire (The Internationale)

All the world's starving and enslaved!
Our outraged minds are boiling,
Ready to lead us into a deadly fight.
We will destroy this world of violence
Down to the foundations, and then
We will build our new world.
He who was nothing will become everything!

Chorus This is our final
and decisive battle;
With the Internationale
humanity will rise up!

No one will grant us deliverance,
Not god, nor tsar, nor hero.
We will win our liberation,
With our very own hands.
To throw down oppression with a skilled hand,
To take back what is ours –
Fire up the furnace and hammer boldly,
while the iron is still hot!


You've sucked enough of our blood, you vampires,
With prison, taxes and poverty!
You have all the power, all the blessings of the world,
And our rights are but an empty sound!
We'll make our own lives in a different way –
And here is our battle cry:
All the power to the people of labour!
And away with all the parasites!


Contemptible you are in your wealth,
You kings of coal and steel!
You had your thrones, parasites,
At our backs erected.
All the factories, all the chambers –
All were made by our hands.
It's time! We demand the return
Of that which was stolen from us.


Enough of the will of kings
Stupefying us into the haze of war!
War to the tyrants! Peace to the people!
Go on strike, sons of the army!
And if the tyrants tell us
To fall heroically in battle for them –
Then, murderers, we will point
The muzzles of our cannons at you!


Only we, the workers of the worldwide
Great army of labour,
Have the right to own the land,
But the parasites — never!
And if the great thunder rolls
Over the pack of dogs and executioners,
For us, the sun will forever
Shine on with its fiery beams.