• JustAlex93

    Elweard's Adventure Log

    By JustAlex93

    (Author's Note: The story will be in the perspective of the main protagonist, Alexander Elweard.)

    My name is Alexander Elweard, but you can just refer to me by my surname. You see, I'm fighter pilot, and a reasonably well-known one at that. I used to serve in the military until me and two fellow pilots resigned, but not before we were given what I think to be the most fabulous starfighters ever designed, the XSF-W1, by its creator, Dr. William Storm. He had hired us to be pilots to demonstrate the three prototypes that he had constructed for the Ultimate Starfighter Project. Unfortunately, the XSF-W1 was disqualified. Not wanting to let such great ships go to waste, he gave them to us. I'm the pilot of Un…

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