The XSF-W1 is a prototype starfighter developed as part of the top secret "Ultimate Starfighter Project". 


The XSF-W1 was developed by Dr. William Storm as his take on the Ultimate Starfighter, with a wide variety of features, some of which being revolutionary and experimental devices, such as a thought-control interface for manipulating the ship's weapons. Every technical aspect of the fighter was carefully thought out, even the materials for the hull. He had spared no expense in his efforts to develop the XSF-W1. Three functional prototypes were constructed and demonstrated to the United Nations Space Forces. While the top brass were impressed with how the fighters performed, the time and cost to build them (due to the unconventional equipment and the materials used in the ship's construction) had put them off, thus disqualifying the XSF-W1. Not wanting to let his creations go to waste, Dr. Storm handed the prototypes to ace pilots Alexander Elweard, Susumu "Sonny Joe" Minamoto and Xavier Moscrim, who he hired as the test pilots for demonstrating the ships during the Ultimate Starfighter Project.

Since then, the fighters, with their pilots (operating under the name of Team Hydra) at the controls, gained notoriety throughout the galaxy, especially with the shape-shifting Reptilians. In a fateful battle against an armada of Reptilian battleships, Sonny Joe, who pilots Unit 02 "Tornado", sacrificed himself for his comrades, taking a positron laser blast from the flagship. After the skirmish, Elweard and Moscrim recovered the remains of their fallen wingman and his ship, and buried them in a secret location that only they and Dr. Storm knew. The two remaining members of the now-disbanded Team Hydra went their separate ways. While Moscrim found work as a freelance pilot-for-hire, Elweard decided to travel throughout alternate dimensions using the ship's D-warp drive, leading to some of the most amazing adventures in his career.

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Technical DetailsEdit

  • Designation: XSF-W1
  • Role: Multi-Environment Superiority Fighter
  • Crew: 1 Pilot
  • Powerplant: 1x high-fidelity self-refueling plasma generator powering
    • x3 Zenox Shipworks HT-971-A888 Hyperthruster engines (1x main engine and x2 secondary engines in side pods)
    • x3 ZPE-Harnesses, each with a micro-vernier booster module
  • Avionics:
    • Holographic touch-screen interface
    • NaviCom NC-235JZ navigational computer
    • NaviCom 3-Dimensional Radar System (3-DRS)
    • Exocorp EX-TC9000A5 targeting computer w/ single- and multi-lock modes and DF3 (Determine-Friend-From-Foe) module
    • Orzax Avionics Ltd. omnifunctional sensory equipment
    • Orzax Avionics Ltd. omnifunctional communications hardware
    • Experimental thought-control interface for the on-board weapons system
  • Armaments:
    • x2 MP2BL (Multi-Purpose Particle Beam Launcher) on limited traverse ball turrets mounted on the side pods
    • x1 Smart missile launcher
    • x1 Charged-shot batterzine (battery/magazine) system (complimentary, can store up energy for up to six charged shots)
    • x2 Rear-fire particle beam blasters with limited traverse
  • Hull: High-entropy steel alloy chassis with composite core armor plating reinforced with submolecular metallitizers
  • Consumables: Two weeks
  • Shielding: Protech Systems Model SG-X10113A1 shield generator
  • Other Systems:
    • Hyperspace system
    • Ultracompact D-warp drive (experimental)
    • A.I.-controlled security system w/ biometrics
    • Auto-repair nanomachines
    • Anti-detection system 
    • Custom-designed training simulation program

Under construction

Known UnitsEdit


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